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The Dyslexia Debate:


On the 18th June 2016 Professor Julian Elliott came to NE Patoss to talk about the dyslexia debate. His talk and opinions were very interesting and resulted in the group having quite a debate about what dyslexia actually was. Many of the people at the course commented they teach and continue to teach all children who have a reading/literacy difficulty; and this Professor Julian Elliott agreed was the way it should be.


Professor Julian Elliott stated that IQ tests had been used to establish whether a person was dyslexic or not and he stated IQ tests were of no value at all in determining whether a person has or does not have dyslexia. Similarly he talked about parents spending a lot of money for a 'dyslexic diagnosis'. In his opinion this is a waste of money. He briefly discussed coloured overlays, which he explained have no scientific validity and in his opinion until someone like Stein can give him some concrete evidence that coloured overlays make a significant difference to people with reading difficulties he will put the success down to a placebo effect.


In summary Julian Elliott stated that all children with reading difficulties should get help and support. There is no difference between teaching a child with a reading difficulty and teaching a dyslexic pupil. However, the pupils who have a reading difficulty will make progress with an evidence based intervention and the dyslexic pupils will make little to no progress; and this in Julian Elliott's view will distinguish the poor readers from the dyslexic pupils.


On 8th October 2016, Elizabeth Scott will have talked to the group about creating a resilient classroom. In a practical session, she will have shown the group how to improve the emotional intelligence and resilience of children. The techniques can be transferred into the classroom immediately.



Future events:



The date of the next meeting will be Saturday 11th February 2017 at 9:30 for 10:00 am. It will be at The Lecture Theatre Durham School DH1 4SZ.


Ben Brownly and Steve Stephens will talk about apps for fun, learning and organisation that are useful for pupils.

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