SpLD Specialist Teacher Training Courses

The following are institutions which provide training for specialist teachers seeking to gain qualifications  meeting requirements:

  • for Full Membership of Patoss and an SpLD Assessment Practising Certificate [those qualifications which meet criteria for AMBDA (Associate Membership of the BDA or that are approved by SASC)          or which would qualify
  • for Associate Membership of Patoss, [qualifications which meet criteria for Approved Teacher or Approved Practitioner Status of the BDA].

Course leader for Contact:   Michele Bradbeer

Contact telephone:  please speak to Alison Wheatley 01753 793366

Contact email:     michele.bradbeer@eastberks.ac.uk

Course Title and accreditation level:    OCR Level 5 Diploma Teaching Learners with Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties.

OCR Level 5 Diploma SpLD (ATS)
OCR Level 7 Diploma SpLD (AMBDA)

Institution Name:   The Child and Educational Psychology Practice

Location: Norwich

Course Leader: Jennie Price

Contact telephone:  07854858916

Contact email: office@cepp.co.uk

Course Title and accreditation level:     QCF Level 7 Diploma Teaching and Assessing Learners with Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties - OCR 10219

QCF Level 5 Diploma Teaching Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties - OCR 10218