Access Arrangements Resources

 Dowloadable forms and templates introduced in our ' Dyslexia: Assessing the need for Access Arrangements' are accessible from the links on this page.

Patoss-JCQ update for 5th Edition 2019-20

JCQ additional update Decoding Guidance for readers - Maths and Science exams

Access Arrangements - Information for students and parents template

Converting scale scores to standard scores

Email template to teachers-support staff

Evidence collection for extra time - online form template

Excel 1 chart to display test scores

Excel 2 Setting up a bar chart to display score results

Extra Time Evidence collection sheet for student

File note template 25% Extra Time or Scribe  Updated for 2019-20 Regulations

File note template 25% Extra Time (This and the scribe sheet have been update and combined into one document, See above)

File note template Computer reader-reader (Replaced by the Short concise file note template computer reader/reader)

File note template Extra Time of over 50% Updated for 2019-20 Regulations

File note template Extra Time of up to 50%  Updated for 2019-20 Regulations

File note template Scribe (This and the scribe one have been updated and combined into one document)

Form to list students with performance raising concerns

Guidance sheet to complete Form 8 2019-20

Referral form for teachers-tutors

Roll Forward form 25%ExtraTime (This and the roll forward scribe one have been made into one updated document for 2019-20 - see below)

Roll Forward form Computer Reader/Reader [no longer  needed]

Roll Forward form 25 percent ET and-or Scribe

SENCo checklist for AA candidate files  Updated for 2019-20 Regulations

Short concise file note template computer reader/reader

Staff Feedback Access Arrangements

Student's view of Normal Way of Working

Teacher checklist Normal Way of Working

Written work and or exam performance not meeting expectations

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