Access Arrangements Resources

 There is now a 6th edition which is fully updated for 2021-22

It provides

 ■ essential information on the evidence requirements for each access arrangement, including the new assessment evidence for 25% extra time from September 2021

 ■ extended and updated information on tests to help with selecting appropriate assessment tools for each area within From 8 Part 2

 ■ important guidance and resources to facilitate gathering centre-based evidence of need and normal way of working for learners who have had periods of home-learning, including

 ■ up-to-date information on the processes involved in maintaining access arrangements for candidates moving centres.

additionally it contains

  • Important guidance on gathering and reporting assessment evidence including up-to-date test information for each access arrangement
  • Information on the evidence and reporting requirements where an assessment is not needed
  • Updated forms and resources to download to help with gathering centre-based evidence and reporting assessment evidence

This is an essential resource for anyone involved in providing access arrangements for students in secondary school and FE, including those with SpLDs.


Copies of the book can be purchased from this website   Click here to purchase