APC Assessor Resources

Although there is clear guidance available to all practitioners as to the criteria applied in the review of diagnostic reports in support of renewal of Assessment Practising Certificates from the SASC website, we recognise that the renewal of one’s APC can be an apprehensive time for assessors.

To support Patoss members, we have produced a number of guidance documents exclusive to our members.  The key document covering both the basic infrastructure and content of report writing is entitled, ‘Writing Frame for Diagnostic Reports’.  There are many others, too.  Some, such as the ‘Harvard Referencing’ is an example which could simply be copied and pasted, then modified accordingly, into your reports.  Others, like those on ‘Background Information’ and ‘Qualitative Information’, are designed to inform/enhance assessment practice and hence the report itself.  The documents currently available are listed below.  To access: please Login then use the link ‘Assessor Resources’ to locate all the guidance documents.


These resources are available to members only.


Highly recommendedGuidance sheetsTwo mindmaps relating to background informationAppendices

Highly Recommended

Revised June 2018 -Writing Frame for Diagnostic Assessment Report (Revised June 2018)

Common pitfalls aka the dos and don'ts

Guidance Sheets

Two Mindmaps Relating to Background Information


You might find the following documents useful: