Code of ethics

Becoming a member of Patoss will indicate that an individual has read and agrees to abide by the Patoss Code of Ethics for Specialist Teachers and Assessors. Please
download the full code of ethics for your reference.

Download: Code of Ethics


Patoss Complaints Policy

Patoss aims to provide the high standards of service with consideration, courtesy, and professionalism.

If you feel we have not met this standard or that we can improve our service do contact us.

If you have a complaint we aim to ensure that:

  • We treat your complaint seriously;
  • We deal with your complaint promptly and in confidence;
  • We explain what happened and, where required and possible, put it right;
  • We learn from complaints and use them to review and improve our service.


The Patoss Complaints Procedure is designed to deal equitably and transparently with any complaints made against Patoss or its members

Our Complaints Procedure and related documents are available to download from our website.