Corporate Member (C)

Schools, Colleges and Universities, dyslexia associations and other organisations acceptable to the Board shall be known as Corporate Members.

Corporate Members are entitled to a range of PATOSS publications, reduced fees to PATOSS national conferences and local events for two individuals, and a range of other PATOSS services.

Corporate Members are not entitled to Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) and do not appear in the Index of Tutor and Assessors. Corporate Membership does not entitle the member to voting rights at Annual General Meetings.

Corporate Members, as such, cannot apply for SpLD Assessment Practising Certificates (SpLD APC). (SpLD APCs are available with individual membership only.)

Annual subscription - £150.00

For a downloadable application form please click here [Word format] [pdf format].

All members agree to abide by the Patoss Code of Ethics for Specialist Teachers and Assessors.

Last updated: July 2013.


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