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Patoss is the Professional Association for teachers and assessors of students with specific learning difficulties. We aim to establish and maintain the professional status of those qualified to teach and assess students with specific learning difficulties by:

  • Giving a professional corporate response to appropriate government departments and agencies on matters affecting individuals with specific learning difficulties
  • Enabling members to update and extend their knowledge and skills and to exchange ideas through an annual conference, bulletins and local groups
  • Promoting the continued provision and development of appropriate specialist qualifications in the assessment, teaching and support of individuals with specific learning difficulties.


In addition we work to promote fuller understanding and recognition of specific learning difficulties by:

  • Encouraging research into SpLD at all levels and disseminating the results of this research
  • Promoting greater understanding and recognition of SpLD and sharing knowledge, awareness and understanding of the same at all levels
  • Promoting links with teachers in all sectors of education working with individuals with SpLD
  • Encouraging the development of the teaching of individuals with SpLD at all levels
  • Promoting communication and mutual respect between practitioners, researchers and others engaged and interested in this field.


Membership of Patoss can help you in your day-to-day work by:

Confirming your Professional status

Professional Membership of Patoss entitles you to cite Patoss as your Professional Body. Patoss Full Membership and Associate Membership both qualify as Professional Memberships.


Certifying your ability in assessment and teaching

We offer two important ways for you to demonstrate your professional knowledge and competence in assessment, teaching and Specific Learning Difficulties. These are the Assessment Practising Certificate (APC) and the Teaching Practising Certificate (TPC).

The APC is essential for specialist teachers who carry out assessments for eligibility for the Disabled Student Allowance. Holding an APC is also considered good practice for specialist teachers who assess at other levels. The TPC is an award for those keen to demonstrate that they are active, specialist teachers with relevant practical experience committed to maintaining best practice and ongoing development of their professional teaching skills.

Providing CPD and additional training

Patoss runs a range of training courses every year as well as an annual conference with an important keynote speaker and a mix of practical workshops to help you update your skills. The courses are offered in London and the regions and provide SASC-approved CPD for renewal of your APC at a reduced rate for members (including an extra £30 discount off your first full-day event as a welcome from us).

Providing access to insurance

We offers access to professional indemnity and public liability insurance for those members who work privately and are therefore not protected by an employer’s scheme. Full details are available here.

Keeping you informed of current practice and research

Our twice-yearly journal, the Patoss Bulletin, is packed with articles from researchers and practitioners giving a lively mix of news from the cutting edge of research and meaningful, hands-on guidance on what works when teaching individuals with SpLD. Books reviews, guidance on CPD and reflections on government reports complete the package.

Keeping you updated with the latest government initiatives

Patoss is well regarded by Government departments and other agencies enabling us to become involved in the latest consultations on matters affecting individuals with SpLD. We report these to you via our regular newsletter so that you can keep abreast of potential changes.

Supplying you with publications and resources at a reduced rate

Patoss publishes its own books on dyslexia and assessment as well as free downloadable information sheets. You can also buy teaching materials from selected publishers at a discount.

Putting you in touch with your nearest local Patoss group

It’s great to build a network of colleagues who share your professional interest in working with students with SpLD. Patoss has over 20 local groups throughout the UK and is always happy for more to start up in areas not currently covered. Local groups offer great networking opportunities as well as local talks and training events.

Offering DBS checks

For specialist teachers who are self-employed Patoss offers a DBS checking service.

With all these wonderful services on offer, why not join us? Click here for membership grades and an application form. Membership grants access to the membership-only area of the website.

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