Learn how to use ‘spelling-out orthography’ in everyday practice for teaching grapheme-phoneme correspondences morphemes, and suffixing conventions, presented by Peter Bowers. Spelling-Out Orthography: Writing-out-loud, spelling-out-loud and how SWI draws on instructional recommendations from Cognitive Load Theory

Participants will see how those that take on this practice are forced to address all the orthographic structures in words -- morphemes, graphemes and orthographic markers -- as well as any suffixing changes.

The two x 1.5 hour sessions provide time to practice this process in real time but also to address key orthographic concepts about how graphemes work that are little understood outside of SWI. We also look at how the practice of ’spelling-out-orthography’ builds on recommendations from cognitive load theory. I show how this practice is rich not just to understanding spelling, but for reading instruction.

Learn how this practice fits with the theory of ‘Orthographic Mapping’

Many people are interested ‘orthographic mapping’. The underlying idea of this practice is logical, but typical descriptions of that practice only attend to one aspect of orthography -- grapheme-phoneme correspondences. Spelling-out-orthography is a way to map not only grapheme-phoneme correspondences but all orthographic structures including morphemes and orthographic markers - thus including a semantic component that is absent when we artificially restrict attention to just grapheme-phoneme aspects of orthography.


This training course is for two sessions on Tuesdays, 14 March & 21 March 2023 from 3.30-5.00pm (two days).  Delegates will have access to the recording of the webinar for two weeks after to watch as many times as they like. If you cannot attend live on the day, you will still have access to the recordings from the same evening for two weeks from that date if you book a place.

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This course is worth 3 hours CPD

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