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Patoss Conference 2020

Booking Form: Exhibitors, Advertising, Sponsorship

Venue: Imperial College London (South Kensington Campus), Sherfield Building, Imperial College Road

Please complete the appropriate sections of this form to reserve your booking; This is a formal confirmation of your booking and by submiting your application you are committing to the associated fees detailed below.

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Exhibition Space Requirements

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Electrical Outlet



Advertise in the Patoss conference programme.

Our comprehensive programme provides articles from each presenter on their seminar topic and a copy of their seminar slides along with areas for delegates to make notes. 

Last year’s programme was highly coveted with delegates keeping hold of their copy to use for referencing purposes. We are still asked for copies now, almost a year later, so any advertising contained is likely to have a long exposure life and will not be discarded in the way a loose flyer or magazine might. 

Please note that the link will only become live once payment has been received.



If you would like to be more involved by supporting the Patoss Conference you can become one of our principal sponsors. What’s included in the £900 principal sponsors' fee:

              • Full page advert in the programme
              • Logo within the exhibitors’ map
              • Logo in rolling information presentation
              • 100-200 word editorial in the programme
              • Linked logo on the conference page of the Patoss website


Payment Details

On receiving your booking Patoss will raise an invoice for the items you have selected in this form and issue this to you. You then can decide how you wish to make the payment either via BACS, Card or Cheque.

Please provide your payment details below, if they are the same as your contact details just enter "as above" in the address box provided.



  • Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a strictly first-come, first-served basis.
  • Patoss reserves the right to change the floor plan, exhibition layout and stand numbers without notice or recourse. 
  • Full payment is due 30 days from the date of invoice.
  • Patoss reserves the right to cancel your booking if payment falls outside the 30 days. 
  • Patoss reserves the right to omit any exhibitors, advertisers and/or sponsors at its own discretion.  If, in the unlikely event payment has already been received, a refund will be given to the value of that which has been omitted.
  • Exhibitors, Advertisers and Sponsors are free to cancel their booking at any time in accordance with the terms below.
  • Should an Exhibitor, Advertiser or Sponsor cancel:
        • before the close of business on the 24th January 2020 they will receive a full refund of the booking value, or that of which they cancel.  
        • after close of business on the 24th January 2020 will be subject to a 50% refund only, on the booking value or that of which they cancel.
        • after close of business on the 14th  February 2020 no refund will be given.
        • no refund will be given on purchased Weblinks if the weblink has already been made live.
  • Patoss may cancel the exhibitor’s, advertiser’s and sponsor’s booking at any time, without obligation if the venue closes due to fire, alteration, damage, threat of terror or any other reason beyond Patoss’ control.
  • Exhibitors are not permitted to sublet any of their booked exhibitors' space to a third party whether that be paid or free of charge.
  • Patoss will not accept responsibility for any illness, injury or death caused as a result of the exhibition. The exhibitor is responsible for the health and safety of all personnel they employ (including self-employed contractors) whilst in the exhibition area.
  • The exhibitor will make good any damage to the venue or equipment that they or their staff, including subcontracted, may make. The exhibitor, and/or their employed contractor/s must be indemnified, by the exhibitor, against any loss, damage to the property, illness, injury or death against all claims, costs demands or damages arising therefrom. The exhibitor will report any injury or damage to Patoss as soon as possible after the incident.
  • Patoss cannot be held liable for any errors in advertising material which has been supplied by the advertiser or for omitting paid advertisement in its entirety, including circumstance where the advertiser does not submit the advert by the relevant deadline date of 15th  January 2020.

Force Majeure

Patoss will incur no liability for any failure to fulfil any obligation under this contract if prevented from doing so by any cause beyond their reasonable control.

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By checking the "Yes I confirm" box and submitting this form, you are confirming your booking under the conditions above.