How to Gain a Patoss APC

To gain a Patoss APC you will need to be a qualified specialist teacher/assessor, be a current member of Patoss and abide by our code of ethics.  

You must also ensure that your Patoss membership is maintained throughout the licence period; if your membership lapses, your APC will not be valid.

Individuals who have an accredited postgraduate qualification in SpLD teaching and assessment, including observed teaching and assessment practice, may apply directly for Full Membership and an Assessment Practising Certificate.

See Courses Leading to a Practising Certificate 

The following evidence is required with your application.

  • A copy of your specialist SpLD Level 7 qualification
  • Current full membership of Patoss
  • Confirmation that you have read and agree to abide by the Patoss Code of Ethics
  • Confirmation that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • A completed application - please log into your members account to apply
  • A fee of £180 (to include the SASC listing fee of £30) 


If you have held an APC at any time in the past, and it is no longer valid, you should renew it via the normal process: submitting a log of CPD and a diagnostic assessment report that meets SASC guidelines.

 Click here to apply Assessment Practising Certificate