How to Renew a Patoss APC

Best practice in assessment continues to evolve and has done so significantly over recent years. 

It is essential that those who hold an APC regularly apprise themselves of routine changes and updates and keep abreast of current best practice; the CPD log is an integral part of a renewal application.  The licence period for an APC is three years and if you need an APC for your work it is incumbent upon you to ensure it remains current.  The renewal process can take up to 16 weeks if additional information is required; we therefore recommend that you ‘count backwards’ from the expiry date of your APC by 16 weeks and ensure you make the earliest possible submission.  This way, it leaves enough time to process all aspects of your renewal and hence keep your APC current throughout the process (see example APC Renewal Timeline).


The following evidence is required with your application.

  • Proof of current full membership Patoss.
  • Confirmation that you have read and agree to abide by the Patoss Code of Ethics.
  • Confirmation that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • CPD log providing evidence of a minimum of 20 hours cpd, to include 5 hours SASC approved CPD, over the last licence period. For further information and guidance

Guidance on CPD for an APC

  • One full diagnostic assessment report which meets current SASC guidelines and written within the last 18 months.
  • A fee of £165 (to include the SASC listing fee of £15).

From 1st April 2019 in order to accommodate the increase in the SASC Listing fee, the following charges will apply:

A fee of £180 (to include the SASC listing fee of £30).

Please note: we do not require your full portfolio of evidence. Please do not submit working papers. Patoss may, at a later date, request your complete portfolio and working papers as part of our review and quality control process. You must retain your portfolio of evidence for a period of 6 years.

There is clear guidance available from the SASC website to all practitioners on the criteria applied in the review of diagnostic reports in support of renewal of Assessment Practising Certificates.  We recommend you ensure you are familiar with the following SASC documents prior to submitting your application for renewal and that you refer to the SASC website for future guidance:

Patoss members can access further supporting documents on the Patoss website under Assessor Resources via individual accounts. These documents are highly recommended.

If you have held an APC but it has now lapsed, you can still apply to renew.  You will need to submit the evidence detailed above with your application.  Prior to submission, it will be important that you review the guidance from the SASC website, available to all practitioners, on the criteria applied in the review of diagnostic assessment reports in support of the renewal of an Assessment Practising Certificate.  As a Patoss member you can access further supporting documents which are highly recommended and which can be found under Assessor Resources via your account on the Patoss website.  Attendance at a training event designed to support members when renewing their APC and / or individual professional mentoring is also likely to prove beneficial.