Morph Mastery Intervention Training for Teaching Assistants and Teachers

An accessible and interactive 8-session course for experienced teaching assistants and teachers/SENCOs to learn how to deliver and monitor the Morph Mastery intervention in schools. Email support and feedback between sessions is included, delivered by Louise Selby


Morph Mastery is a multi-sensory and engaging way of teaching children aged 9 - 13 to improve their reading, vocabulary and spelling skills. Through morphology, they understand how words are made up into prefixes, roots and suffixes. This intervention follows the English National Curriculum and is being used in schools

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Course Description

Most existing interventions for children and teens with literacy difficulties use a phonic based approach. However, often by Year 5 and beyond, an alternative is required. Compelling research demonstrates the effectiveness of a morphological approach to literacy intervention for learners with reading and spelling difficulties. Morph Mastery is a new, research-based and evidence-based intervention which follows the SEND Code of Practice model of Assess - Plan - Do - Review. Designed to be delivered by a non-specialist teaching assistant or teacher, the intervention was piloted in Hertfordshire with strong impact data, and it uses strategies known to be effective for learners with specific learning difficulties: it is highly structured, multi-sensory, targeted, cumulative and very engaging. The intervention is taught by a teaching assistant or teacher over three sessions lasting 30 minutes each week and is overseen by the SENCO or a literacy lead. It uses curriculum-based assessments for target setting, planning and review.

These interactive workshops will support practitioners to both use the assessments effectively and plan and deliver the lessons, with the support of your SENCO. Between each session reading and practical tasks will be set, which you’ll have the opportunity to review during the sessions. Email support between sessions will be provided.


Over the 8 sessions, delegates will:

  • Explore what morphology is, how it can be used in teaching reading, spelling and vocabulary and learn the key terminology
  • Learn step by step how to administer the Morph Mastery assessments and use them to set targets and plan
  • Learn step by step how to plan and teach each element of the lessons
  • Consolidate learning through engaging in practical activities and seeing films of assessments and lessons
  • Gain the opportunity to practise the Morph Mastery assessments and lessons between training sessions so that they can be discussed and reviewed during the course
  • Be given tasks to consolidate learning, and have access to email support, between sessions
  • Have the opportunity to network with others who are delivering Morph Mastery
  • Have the opportunity to come back to a final review session (session 8) after teaching for a few weeks to discuss

Course Outcome

  • Understand how morphology can be used in teaching reading, spelling and vocabulary
  • Know how to administer the Morph Mastery assessments and how to use them to set targets, plan and review progress
  • Know how to plan and deliver each component of the Morph Mastery lessons



Teaching assistants and teachers may attend this course

Target Audience

Primary and Secondary


£225 for two attendees (no reduction if just one person attends). It is anticipated (but not essential) that the 2 people who attend the course would be an experienced teaching assistant who is to deliver the intervention and the teacher or SENCO who would oversee and monitor the intervention.

Each session can also be bought separately for £30 (for two people, no reduction if just one person attends )


Session 1: 4/10/22 - What is morphology and why do we teach it? Background, terminology and principles

Session 2: 11/10/22 - Administering and scoring the Morph Mastery assessments

Session 3: 18/10/22 - Using the Morph Mastery assessments to plan and set targets in line with Assess-Plan-Do-Review

Session 4: 1/11/22 - Getting started with the intervention: an overview, the games and resources, what you'll need and golden rules of intervention

Session 5: 22/11/22 - Planning and teaching lesson 1

Session 6: 6/12/22 - Reviewing lesson 1, planning and teaching lesson 2

Session 7: 10/1/23 - Reviewing lesson 2, planning and teaching lesson 3

Session 8: 7/2/23 - An open review session with the chance to review the lessons and the course, ask questions and consider next steps

Each session will be for one hour from 1.30-2.30pm, webinar opens at 1.20pm for networking and closes at 2.45pm.

Course Materials

Electronic copies of the handouts will be provided but delegates will be responsible for printing off their own copies as this event is online.

Joining Instructions

Delegates will be sent a link to Zoom where the course will be held a few days before. You do no need specialist software or an app to attend.

Terms & Conditions

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Delegates will be responsible for ensuring that they have suitable Wi-Fi, hardware and software to enable them to view the webinar.


Sheila Rostill, Webinar Administrator


T:   07956 644 786

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This course is worth 8 hours CPD

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