Dyslexia no longer being diagnosed by councils who called the disorder 'scientifically questionable'

Dyslexia is no longer being diagnosed by councils who claimed the disorder was “scientifically questionable”. Children across Warwickshire and Staffordshire now have little or not access to taxpayer-funded assessments, as officials &ldqu…


NMH Quality Assurance Framework updated Version 3 issued

Providers of non-medical help under DSA funding, please note the quality assurance framework has been updated: See the message from DSA-QAG and follow the links to the new framework document.…


Proud to be dyslexic

Matt Hancock talks to the Made By Dyslexia global summit about the challenges he has faced and the great benefits he has gained from being dyslexic. My name’s Matt Hancock, I’m proud to be Secretary of State for Health and Social Care,…


A Patoss Mentoring Introduction

Watch this short 3 minute video on our Patoss Mentoring Programme To find out more or to sign up for our mentoring packages click here > Mentoring  …


British people often boast about being ‘bad at maths’. Here’s why that causes genuine harm

Saying you’re rubbish with numbers is seen as a badge of honour in the UK.. This means those with dyscalculia very rarely get the help they need Each new academic year, a fresh batch of year 7 students arrive in my maths classroom. One of the …


Dyscalculia: what parents need to know

What is dyscalculia? The dictionary definition is “severe difficulty in making arithmetical calculations as a result of brain disorder”. It is a learning difficulty like dyslexia, but relating to maths instead of language. However, there …

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DSA-QAG will be closing at the end of this year.
This document provides a brief commentary on the changes to the JCQ regulations “Access Arrangements...
SASC has introduced new formats for SpLD diagnostic assessments.
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