Patoss-JCQ update for 5th Edition 2019-20 now available

This document provides a brief commentary on the changes to the JCQ regulations “Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments” since publication in 2018 of “Assessing the need for Access Arrangements”. It covers essential changes made within the 2019/20 JCQ regulations. The 5th edition of the book itself, which was fully updated in 2018, provides much greater detail on the more fundamental aspects of access arrangements work including, for example, the range of skills to be investigated, tests to be used, interpretation of results, and discussion of the wider issues involved.

Please note that this update should be read in conjunction with the book, which is available to purchase on the Patoss website:

Download the Patoss-JCQ Access Arrangements 2019-20 update for 5th Edition here.

However, it is also imperative that all professionals familiarise themselves with the JCQ regulations directly and in full as the Guide and these notes are intended to support, but in no way replace, the regulations.

The JCQ Regulations for 2019-20 are available to download from the JCQ website

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