Guidelines extending lifespan of diagnostic assessment reports

For a student at any age, a diagnostic assessment that meets SASC guidelines produced by a specialist teacher assessor with an APC or a practitioner psychologist registered with the HCPC will be accepted as evidence for Disabled Student Allowance. With the advent of the removal of the age limit on the student’s age at the time of diagnostic assessment, reports produced by holders of an APC or HCPC registration will have a longer lifespan.

So, if you assess learners of any age and hold the appropriate qualification in diagnostic assessment you would be advised to get or renew your SpLD Assessment Practising Certificate. This will assure your reports can then meet an even wider range of purposes.

For individuals applying for a new APC:

SASC recognises there may be many qualified practitioners who have not yet signed up for an APC because they were only working with learners under 16. SASC has authorised us to grant new APCs regardless of when you completed your specialist qualification on the basis of that qualification alone*. This pathway will be available for a limited period – only through March 2020. So get your APC now. 

So just send in your qualification and Patoss can issue your 1st APC.  You will then be under the SASC umbrella for new APC holders and continue your professional assessment practice development. For each of the 1st 3 years you hold your APC you will be required to complete

  • 5 hours of Authorised CPD each year before their first renewal. This CPD would be authorised by SASC and listed through the SASC website and
  • 5 hours CPD, which may not have an assessed element, each year.

Additionally, SASC recommends some of this be mentoring so new assessors can have an opportunity for focused work relating to developing their individual assessment and reflective practice. See the Patoss mentoring page for more information.

For those holding expired APCs:

If you have held an APC at any time in the past, and it is no longer valid, you should renew it via the normal process: submitting a log of CPD and a diagnostic assessment report that meets SASC guidelines. Just go to your member area. If you are not currently a Patoss member you can apply and renew your APC through us.

Further information on APCs can be found on the Patoss website, including a range of Assessor resources. 

*formerly assessors whose qualifications were gained over 5 years ago had to submit a diagnostic assessment report that met SASC guidelines to gain an APC.

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