Information for NMH Providers and Students from DfE

The Department of Education [DfE] and Student Loans Company [SLC] have announced new arrangements for assistive technology service providers, needs assessment providers, and nonmedical help providers following the closure of DSA-QAG by DfE/SLC  [SSIN 08/19, November 2019]

The Disabled Students’ Allowance Quality Assurance Group (DSA-QAG) has announced that it will be closing on 20th December 2019. This SSIN [Student Support Information Note]  outlines the new (and in some cases interim) arrangements that will be in place following the closure of DSA-QAG.

This SSIN includes important information for

  • Students
  • NMH Providers
  • Needs Assessors
  • AT Providers

It is important to note, for NMH providers, that the search tool for non-medical help (NMH) providers on the DSA-QAG website will not be available following DSA-QAG’s closure. Instead, needs assessors should refer to the list of suppliers for DSA-funded NMH which will be published shortly at: assessment-centres-1/

NMH providers who wish to make updates to the information published on the list (e.g. contact details), or who wish to be removed from the list, should contact SLC at:


The moratorium on new NMH providers will continue until further notice. Existing providers who wish to add new roles should contact DfE at


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