NMH Support new Audit and QA arrangements

The Student Loans Company through its Student Support Information Note 5 issues key announcements:

Expectations regarding service to students.

Specific timelines for support delivery are outlined. The expectation is that  the NMH provider should within 14 calendar days of the student making contact either (a) start supporting the student, if the student has requested support to start within this timeframe, or (b) put in place support for a later date if requested by the student and confirm this to the student in writing.

Mode of delivery, following experience under lockdown, NMH support can be delivered either remotely or face-to-face without the need for specific authorisation either way. This should be at the student’s choice.

New auditing arrangements.

September 2020 DfE will be introducing a programme of auditing of NMH support worker qualifications.

NMH providers will continue, as currently, to be expected to hold public liability insurance.

Registrations open for new NMH providers

Providers wishing to register to deliver DSA-funded NMH support should contact DfE at:

Download SSIN here. 

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