Petition to get teaching reading right

We are asking the Government to revise their guidance on teaching reading which was published in the Reading Framework in July 2021. This guidance promotes the use of Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) as the sole method for teaching reading.

The current guidance on teaching reading misses important points that leaves a lot of struggling readers behind. Just one method of teaching reading doesn’t work for up to 25% of our children. They need a range of approaches alongside phonics.

In this podcast Gillian Ashley, representing BDA, Lynn Greenwold, Patoss Chief Executive, Caroline Read of Communicate-ed, Anna Smith representing the Dyslexia Guild Head/Dyslexia Action, Tory Sparks of Helen Arkell, and Chris Rossiter of Driver Youth Trust discuss why it is so important this issue is addressed.

Click here to view the podcast.

Send to all your colleagues and parents you work with and

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