Professional Tutoring Partnership chosen to deliver through National Tutoring Programme

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Professional Tutoring Partnership chosen as an approved NTP Tuition Partner to deliver high quality tutoring to disadvantaged pupils through National Tutoring Programme, it was announced today, Monday 2nd November.

The Professional Tutoring Partnership brings together a lead organisation, Real Group, with three specialist teacher professional bodies and two charities: Patoss, The Dyslexia Guild, British Dyslexia Association and Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity and Dyslexia Action Training. Patoss is proud to be part of this partnership which has been chosen to deliver high quality tutoring to schools as an approved NTP Tuition Partner.

The Professional Tutoring Partnership is one of a number of Tuition Partners, who will deliver tutoring subsidised by 75% to schools across the country. Professional Tutoring Partnership can deliver tutoring in schools across all nine regions of England (East Midlands, South East, London, North East, North West, South West, West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber, East of England) with the greatest capacity for providing tuition in London, the North West, South West and West Midlands.

Professional Tutoring Partnership are providing tuition in special schools and other education settings in East England, London, North East, North West, South East, South West and the West Midlands.

The Professional Tutoring Partnership works with primary schools, secondary schools and special schools in England.

Our partnership was launched in November 2020 as a response to the call for nationally organised high quality tutoring to help children catch up. The Partnership is now taking enquiries from schools so we can begin tutoring up to 4500 children, in schools, from January 2021. We work in partnership with schools to support the children that teachers put forward for tuition.

We match the school up with a tutor and then the tutors work directly with teachers to plan and deliver the tuition that children need to make more progress with their learning.

Teachers can log into our tuition tracker to track children’s progress.

Some parents will be worried about their children falling behind. Parents should talk with their child’s school. Teachers have several ways of helping children. Schools will decide with parents whether tuition is right for their child.


Commenting Dr Mark Turner of Professional Tutoring Partnership said:

“We’re so excited to join the national effort to widen access to high-quality tutoring for disadvantaged pupils who need it most. Our organisation underwent a rigorous criteria assessment and we’re now ready to deliver high-quality tutoring to complement the incredible work going on in classrooms up and down the country. We can’t wait to start making a difference to those who need it most.

'As an educational psychologist I have met many children and young people who have fallen behind with their learning - what they have in common is a knowledge that they're not doing well in class, a gut feel that they're 'rubbish at learning' - some say that they get a tummy ache when they're in lessons, some are just quiet when asked what they are good at in school.  Tuition, which has a key focus on engagement with learning, provides children with the space to explore how they learn best, and provides the opportunity to do so with tutors who have experience of enabling children to make progress one step at a time.  This helps children rebuild solid foundations for learning independently.

 Lynn Greenwold OBE, Chief Executive of Patoss said:

“We see our learners struggling to keep up in classrooms but with focused specialist support we see them develop confidence and skills that really make a difference'.

 Educational psychologist Alison Farmer said:

“Effective tuition changes children's perception of themselves as learners.  I have observed the change that this makes to the confidence and enthusiasm for learning in school that this brings for young people.”

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