Updated SASC guidance on evaluation of need contents

SASC has been asked to clarify what an evaluation of need carried out in line with SASC guidance should contain to constitute eligibility for application for DSA. 

The SASC paper, 'Evaluations of Need by Remote Video Platform' provides further detail and includes a list of tests or sub-tests of larger batteries currently available for remote online test administration, with in some cases, detailed and specific guidelines regarding remote administration practice. 

SASC has checked with the main publishers in this field to inform this paper and publishers confirm that 'For tests standardised using in-person administration, remote methods would be considered an adaptation of the standardised administration and should be taken into consideration when reporting and interpreting the results, and therefore the reliability and validity of test outcomes. In general, assessors need to be acutely aware of, and, where necessary, report on, how judgements they reach may be affected by the limitations of a remote evaluation of need'.

See full guidance paper:

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