OnDemand: Essay Writing for Students in Higher Education and A-Levels

Students find writing academically very challenging. By focusing on the question, a student can identify the type of question, keywords, and also the type of answer required.


As students find writing so challenging it is important to provide an effective and straightforward way to think about the writing task. Through analysing the question and looking at the type of question and the answer required, students can overcome their fear and move forward. It is possible to train the student to effectively overcome their academic barrier to writing.

Course Description

In this session you will be introduced to a very straightforward approach to essay writing.  Sandra Hargreaves, the trainer, has used it with students for nearly forty years.  It takes all the stress and anxiety out of essay writing by suggesting steps through which you can proceed.

Instead of waiting for inspiration, you move through analysing the question.  You ask what type of question you are dealing with, by initially looking at a list of question types. When you have ascertained the question type you move on to work out the type of answer, it is requiring.  This again can initially be done by referring to a short list. Once this is decided you look at the key words and then move on to the general issues surrounding the question.  From here you start your mind map, putting down all the main issues.  You are then ready to do your research.  Finally, after this analysis you are ready to write a theme for your essay, which is what you are going to say in your essay in one or two sentences.  This gives your essay direction and purpose.  The theme will be incorporated into the opening paragraph. You are on your way!

When you write essays in examinations you also use the same key. With practice it becomes second nature.

Once you get used to this approach you have a little mantra, which you can remember by the fingers on one hand;

  • Type of question
  • Type of answer
  • Key words
  • General issues
  • Theme

Course Outcome

  • Students will learn how to analyse the question
  • Educators will learn a simple approach to enable their students to take control of their academic writing
  • Educators will learn how to improve their students’ academic thinking skills, through developing effective writing skills.


It is recommended that participants have access to Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia Edited by Sandra Hargreaves and Jamie Crabb 3rd edition Sage. Delegates will be given access to a discount code on the purchase price.


Open to all - no restrictions

Target Audience

Tutors, Mentors, Teaching Assistants working in Higher or Further Education or Working with learners in a sixth form + setting


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This course is worth 30 minutes CPD