OnDemand: Literacy Disorders: 'Tricky' Profiles - How to Assess, Interpret and Intervene: SASC Authorised

Over the last 10 years, there has been a significant change in how we view specific learning difficulties, including dyslexia.  This is due to the shift away from the single deficit model of learning disorders to multiple deficit models that far better explain how dyslexia can be expressed in any one child. Tricky Profiles - presented by Dr Valerie Muter

Course Description

This webinar will look at how multiple deficit models explain variations in the expression of dyslexia and also the high levels of co-occurrence with other deficits (such as problems of maths, attention, oral language and visuomotor skill).  Furthermore, multiple deficit models recognise the importance of protective and compensatory factors which can positively influence outcome.  The implications for assessment and ‘diagnosis’ of the individual child will be considered; in particular, the need for multiple measures of reading and for assessments of co-occurring difficulties.  Formulating an individual child’s pattern of learning strengths and weaknesses is essential in planning an intervention and management package that addresses all their needs.  Individual case studies will be used as illustrations of how to develop an appropriate assessment protocol and to devise individually tailored intervention programmes. Please note this is a recording of a live event.


Any Educator supporting a learner with SpLD

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Delegates are expected to be working with students with an SpLD


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What our Delegates Say . . . 

'Absolutely fascinating to see how SpLDs can overlap and co-occur as well as stand alone. Hugely informative.'

'Excellent content and delivery, this is really useful.'

'Great information - best course in ages, very helpful.'

'The speaker spoke clearly, at a good pace and made the content interesting.'

'Excellent. Really valuable to hear from an expert with current knowledge and research underpinning. I feel it will be invaluable for my development as an assessor'

'Love Dr Muter's presentation style and always a pleasure to hear such an expert speak.'  

'This is my first training with Patoss - I really enjoyed it and found it stimulating and am inspired to book the next one!'

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