OnDemand: Multilingualism for the Dyslexic Primary Learner: SASC Authorised

This course is designed for teachers and other professionals to explore the effect of multilingualism on the assessment and screening of primary dyslexic learners.


The phonology-reading connection in multilingual children and the impact of having originally learned languages in different orthographies will be examined.

Course Description

This course is designed for teachers and other professionals to explore the effect of multilingualism on the assessment and screening of dyslexic learners.

There are more than a million children aged 5 – 18 years old in UK schools who speak in excess of 360 languages between them. Based on international research we know that at least 3% of these students will be dyslexic both in their first language and English. A phonological processing deficit seems to be continuous across languages. However, the structure of the student’s first language can create a subtle difference which makes both the assessment and teaching of the learner’s profile problematic.

Cline and Shamsi (2000), identified that EAL learners especially with dyslexia are more likely to have difficulties with vocabulary development due to their dyslexia and EAL language background.

What the Course Covers

The day will cover how to distinguish between the EAL difficulties and dyslexic difficulties the primary Learner faces.

  • Discuss what is meant by multilingualism and the impact one language has on another. Look at the research on multilingualism and dyslexia, and ‘spotting’ the dyslexic with a multilingual background in the classroom.
  • Investigate how coming from a multilingual background effects the assessment of dyslexia.

At the end of the day the participants will gain:

  • Greater understanding of what multilingualism means in terms of the impact of one language on another.
  • How to recognise characteristics of dyslexia in a child from a multilingual background in the classroom
  • Explored the impact of Multilingualism on the use of diagnostic assessment tools which have been standardised on English speaking populations.


No pre-requisites, in terms of qualifications, or resources are needed.


EAL Teachers, Classroom Teachers, SENCO’s, specialist teachers/ assessors and other professionals working with multilingual dyslexic and EAL pupils in primary education. A specialist qualification is not essential for this course. However, the course is very useful for specialist assessors as it enables them to enhance their assessment approach towards EAL primary Learners and to make effective recommendations when writing a report.


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Course Materials

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