OnDemand: Working with Dyspraxic Students at Secondary School

This course will enable you to help your dypraxic student to take more control of their learning.


Dyspraxia makes organisational skills difficult and an awareness of time challenging, study skills adapted to the needs of the dyspraxia learner can aid the student to take more effective control of their learning

Course Description

This course is delivered by a dyspraxic person - Louise Green, who has years of experience of supporting and adapting study skills to dyspraxic students. She has developed strategies that specifically target the organisational skills and difficulties that the learners face in terms of their awareness of time.  She will demonstrate that evidence-based intervention strategies can be effective in enabling the student to cope with the demands of the curriculum.

Study skills have been demonstrated as the most cost effective and successful way to enable students to take effective command of their learning and lead to academically success. Study skills have been defined as effective learning competencies associated with absorbing information in the form of acquiring information; organising that information to take control of the content; synthesising and remembering that information; and applying that information when being tested.

Course Outcome

  • Helping the student to successfully read, and understand what they have read
  • Helping the student create a record of what they have learned through the use of successful note taking that suits the needs of each student
  • Strategies to develop successful essay writing approaches to express the student’s academic ability. Planning of essays in terms of preparation, structuring, proof reading and critically thinking about what the student has written
  • Helping the student develop successful revision strategies
  • Helping the student to perform more effectively in exams
  • To encourage the student to set targets and monitor their own success


No pre-requisites, in terms of qualifications, or resources are needed

Target Audience

Delegates should be working in secondary level


This course is on demand and is a recording of a live event.

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Course Materials

Electronic copies of the handouts will be provided but delegates will be responsible for printing off their own copies as this event is online.

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This course is worth 1.5 hours CPD