Parent Workshop: Helping my Child with Speech Difficulties to Learn how to Read and Write

This webinar, presented by Helen Driver, is designed for parents working with preschool and up seven-year-olds and for children with persistent articulation difficulties. Producing correct speech sounds is the cornerstone of learing to read and write.


This parent webinar is designed for parents to help their children who may be having difficulties articulating sounds. The course will show parents strategies that they can apply at home to help their children improve their articulation of speech sounds.

Course Description

7.4 % of children have Developmental Language Disorder (Bishop 2010), many other children have difficulties with speech and have other learning differences. Producing speech sounds is the cornerstone of reading and writing.

Learning Outcomes

The webinar will help parents to understand the reasons why their child use difficulties with speech.

The webinar will teach parents tips and strategies that will help the child to:

  • Improve  their  clarity of speech
  • Successfully learn phonics
  • Improve their reading
  • Improve their spelling
  • Access their literacy homework

The webinar will also direct parents to useful resources that they download and use with their children.


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Course Materials

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This course is worth 1 hour CPD