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Understanding & Supporting Learners with Dyslexia

Level 2&3 in SpLD/Dyslexia online course

We are pleased to announce that Patoss and SEND Solutions are working in partnership to deliver flexible online training in SpLD/Dyslexia, with course accreditation expected soon.

 Participants will learn about

• Neurodiversity
• Dyslexia
• Phonics and reading development
• Writing and spelling development
• Cognitive skills
• Enabling environments
• Interventions

These modular topics are delivered through engaging activities to enhance participant understanding and skills, in order to develop their inclusive practice.

The course involves around 10 hours of study, culminating in a reflective assessment task, which will be marked remotely by a link tutor. The course is designed to be manageable for tutors, teachers, senior managers and support staff to access conveniently online, progressing through modules at a personal pace.

The option to progress the qualification to Level 3 is available, through graded outcomes and assessment.
On completion of either course, participants become eligible for Affiliate Membership of Patoss.


This CPD course is aimed at those working in or around education to develop inclusive practice for learners
of all ages. Participants may include independent tutors, teachers, lecturers, SENCOs, senior leaders, learning support staff, trainee teachers, learning mentors, student support counsellors and allied professionals. Whole staff teams or school groups can access the training to ensure consistency of knowledge and practice. The course does not have entry requirements.


The investment and cost

When committing to training with Patoss, you can be confident you will receive a high quality, engaging and well informed training package.

Skills should improve rapidly and enable you to make a positive impact for the learners in your setting straight away, whilst developing a long term approach.

As well as certification on completion (soon to be accredited), you will also be eligible for Affiliate Membership of Patoss, to continue your professional development and awareness.

This training can be self-funded, or using school budgets, such as notional SEND funding or Pupil Premium grants. Outcomes of improved literacy, closing the gap, SEND provision, equality, staff CPD and inclusive practice can easily be evidenced against school development plan objectives.

Level 2 SpLD/Dyslexia course cost: £395.
Level 3 SpLD/Dyslexia course cost: £595.

What, when and where?

The course structure will take the participant on a journey to learn more about what dyslexia is, adapting tools essential to identifying dyslexia, creating an enabling environment using easily integrated strategies and available resources, selecting and running effective interventions and planning provision for the future.

The materials will combine instructional content with interactive engagement. Knowledge and theory will be complemented by practical strategies.

Materials will be accessed part time through a designated online platform at the participant’s own pace and convenience.

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