Patoss Mentoring

Patoss Mentoring Programme (5 hours of SASC approved CPD)


Patoss mentoring provides a great opportunity to work closely with an experienced assessor to develop your own professional practice.

No two people with a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) are alike, meaning that all assessments have their challenges, even for experienced assessors!

This excellent programme is available to Patoss members for £350 and to non-members for £395.

SASC has recently acknowledged that these challenges are particularly pertinent for newly qualified assessors and in response has issued guidelines to encourage the ongoing development of assessment and reporting skills from the outset of their careers: 

‘The requirement for additional SASC authorised CPD is aimed at better supporting those holding an APC for the first time. Mentoring is strongly recommended.’ For full details see: CPD requirements for all NEW APCs

These changes mean that whilst all existing assessors will still be required to engage in regular CPD activities (a minimum of 20 hours of CPD over 3 years, 5 hours of which is SASC authorised), from 1st September 2018 holders of an APC for the first time will need to participate in at least:

  • 5 hours of SASC authorised CPD each year before their first renewal. This CPD would be assessed and can be in the form of mentoring


  • A minimum of 5 hours informal CPD each year, which may not have an assessed element.

In response to these SASC guidelines, Patoss has adapted its already successful Mentoring Programme, by increasing the duration to 5 hours. This will provide both established and newly qualified assessors alike with the opportunity for focused work relating to developing their individual assessment and reflective practice. 

Mentoring Programme Details

The Patoss Mentoring Programme provides 5 hours of personalised, assessed and SASC approved CPD. The aims and content will be planned and agreed between the mentee and mentor at the start of the package, therefore it is appropriate for:

  • Newly qualified SpLD assessors
  • SpLD Assessors wishing to improve or refresh their current practice
  • SpLD Assessors approaching APC renewal

Included in the mentoring programme subscription is one year’s access to the online Patoss Professional Community Forum. The content of the forum is closely monitored by Patoss. 


  • Patoss members should have a qualification in SpLD assessment
  • Non – members must have an appropriate APC level qualification or a current APC from another awarding body.

Typical Learning Outcomes

  • Resolution of concerns and the development of confidence in assessment practice
  • Updating knowledge on current SASC regulations and requirements for Diagnostic Assessment Reports
  • Enhancement of skills in the interpretation of statistics and differential diagnoses
  • Review of a Diagnostic Assessment Report, with feedback on strengths and issues that need addressing for the future.
  • Resolution of queries and the development of confidence in SpLD diagnostic interpretations, conclusions and recommendations
  • Validation of professional practice, reflection and action planning for future CPD activities. 

Please note:

  • The 5 hours of mentoring time includes all activity undertaken by a mentor to respond to email, review reports or other documents and provide feedback to the mentee
  • A mentoring package should be completed within a maximum of 12 weeks 
  • Diagnostic Assessment Reports or SpLD profiles discussed during mentoring cannot be submitted as evidence for an Assessment Practising Certificate renewal. 

Terms and Conditions

Our mentors are all active practitioners working under the Patoss umbrella, so, in order to make the best use of a Patoss mentoring package, before applying please note the following expectations of the mentee – mentor working relationship:

Patoss mentors are expected to:

  • Plan their workload and availability based on a negotiated Mentoring Agreement,
  • Complete their mentoring targets to agreed deadlines and within a period of 12 weeks from the date of first contact with their mentee,
  • Log all activity within the 5 hours of mentoring time undertaken to respond to email, review a report or other submitted documents, provide feedback and complete the required final review.

Mentees are expected to:

  • Consider their own workload and commitments to ensure they are available to fully engage with the mentoring package,
  • Plan their workload and availability based on a negotiated Mentoring Agreement,
  • Complete the mentoring targets to agreed deadlines and within a period of 12 weeks from the date of first contact from their mentor,
  • Maintain regular contact with their mentor to complete targets within agreed timescales,
  • Use the Patoss Moodle platform to communicate with their mentor and submit documents,
  • Complete a feedback form on completion of their mentoring package.

Applying for a Mentoring package

When a mentoring programme is purchased our Patoss Mentoring Team Leader will contact you to arrange the assignment of a mentor who has relevant experience of the age range/s within which you work.

  • Patoss members should log in under their member account to purchase the mentoring package.
  • Non-members should create a registered users account on the Patoss website. Then you will be able to select mentoring to apply for a package.

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