LONPM11/07/18 Being Aware of Autism (Half Day Afternoon)

Date: 11/07/2018

Location: Ambassadors, Bloomsbury London

Price (per person): Members £95, Non-members £110

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LONPM11/07/18 Being Aware of Autism (Half Day Afternoon)

Location: London

Booking Ref: LON11/07/18 PM

Day of Week: Tuesday

Course Times: 1.30pm - 4.15pm (registration from 1.00pm)

Link to Venue: Ambassadors Hotel, Bloomsbury

Specialist teachers cannot assess for autism, however, through the assessment process and from teaching a specialist teacher can present evidence to another professional for an assessment to be conducted


The course aims to offer an understanding of the profile of both high functioning autism and Asperger syndrome, how it may co-occur with other learning differences and the types of evidence, especially the use of questionnaires, can be used to build up a learning profile of the student. 

Course Description

Based on feedback from PATOSS training events many assessors and teachers wish to have a greater understanding of the types of Autism which they may both teach, or become aware of during an assessment.

The course aims to help specialist teachers and assessors to understand autism with regards to students have IQ scores within the normal range.

This will be achieved by defining what is autism and the types of autistic profiles. Use of questionnaires to collect evidence to help identify if a persist social impairment is occurring.

Additionally, the course will review how to make a referral to another professional and recommendations that can be made in a diagnostic report which can aid an educational institution to effectively support a student with autistic type learning difficulties. 

The day will include:

  • Review of what is autism
  • Looking at different autistic profiles
  • To introduce the use of questionnaires as one of the contributing ways to help build up a profile of a learner
  • How and who to make a referral to for additional diagnostic profile to be completed
  • Review of recommendations and strategies aid a learner with autistic type difficulties

Course Outcome

  • To develop an understanding of autism
  • To reflect and plan how to effectively use questionnaires to collect evidence
  • To reflect on the best referral route for the student if further testing is needed
  • To offer and implement evidence based strategies to aid a learner with autistic type learning difficulties


There are no pre-requisites, in terms of qualifications, or resources are needed. However, the aim target group are specialist teachers with an SpLD qualification

Target Audience

All age ranges


Dr Ken Greaves
Dr Ken Greaves is a Consultant Chartered Psychologist and Scientist who has been practising since 1989. He has worked extensively with children and adults who present with a variety of medical syndromes.

Strongly committed to applying psychology from a perspective that promotes equality of opportunity, Ken takes a holistic view of assessment, working closely with individuals, groups and organisations. Where appropriate, he operates in partnership with healthcare providers, social services and the legal profession. Through consideration of a broad range of factors, he provides advice that promotes effective intervention.

Ken has acted as Consultant Psychologist to a wide range of public and private sector organisations, including Lloyds TSB, Shell UK and the National Autistic Society. He is also an honorary lecturer and specialist adviser to the University of Cambridge, the University of East London, the University of London (Institute of Education) and Birmingham University.

Registered as an Expert Witness, Ken has in-depth experience of preparing reports for tribunals and court hearings. He has also presented papers at national psychologists’ conferences, and has contributed to a variety of professional steering and working groups.

As Senior Psychologist Advisor to several local authorities, Ken has assumed a number of specialist roles and responsibilities. These have involved autism, speech & language impairment, challenging behaviours, physical interventions, specific learning difficulties, and child, adolescent and adult mental health difficulties.
Current Consultant Psychologist appointments include the Independent Schools Council, Lyn Fry Associates (autism and dyslexia), the FOCI Centre (fostering), Argent Rehabilitation (trauma counselling) and Atos Healthcare (adult dyslexia assessments).

Ken is also a UK Instructor for PROACT SCIPr (physical interventions for challenging behaviours) and a Member of the Association of Black Psycholgists.

Special Offer

Attend the morning Tricky Profiles event as well and pay a day delegate rate of £155 for members/£185 for non-members. Please call the office to book.