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Laura Bayntun-Coward
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In January we had Brendan Dobrowolny come speak to us. Brendan is a Licensed NLP4Kids Practitioner, Empowering Learning™ Coach and an Adult Neuro Diversity coach. He has practised under Olive Hickmott, whose book “Bridges to Success” has been widely acclaimed.  He approaches SpLD from a different perspective, looking not at difficulties but instead looking to find and unleash the strengths of his clients. Brendan was keen to emphasise the importance of gaining a view into your student’s perspective: how do they see things in their brain, what is influencing their thoughts, what are those inner images like.


In March we had an Assessment Workshop. We looked at a variety of areas and divided ourselves into groups according to which level of education we were most involved with and group leaders were elected to report back so that findings could be shared with all.


In May, Jo Stoaling from Three Ways School came to share with us the different approaches they use to deal with mental health and their Special Needs students. Three Ways School has developed several approaches to dealing with mental health and SpLD and Joe was quick to point out that one approach does not work for all but the more knowledge of what is out there to support students can provide a comprehensive package for a school in need of a mental health framework. She certainly was informative and helpful, and talked without notes for over an hour!




Future events:


Wednesday, 13 September 2017, AGM and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) by Brendan Dobrowolny


Monday, 13 November 2017, Access Arrangements 2017,  by Nick Lait


Thursday,  25 January 2018, TRUGS and How to Support Reading at Home and at School by Tom Jeffery


Our meetings begin at 6pm at Bath Spa, Newton St. Loe, and we aim to end promptly at 7:30pm.


All are welcome to our meetings. We charge £3 for members and £5 for non-members. All are sent a Certificate of attendance which can be printed and signed on the day for CPD purposes.


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