Buckinghamshire et al

Tel: 07801 219121

General enquiries: king@cotmorewells.com

Meeting enquiries: Kate King (Chair) kateking61@me.com 07801219121                                       

Bonnie Taylor & Gillian Sugrue (Memb. Sec. & enquiries) patossb@gmail.com

Bucks PATOSS held two meetings last term starting with John Pearson, who led a very valuable workshop on the fascinating topic of Concrete Pictorial Abstract Maths (CPA).


We were also lucky enough to have Louise Green, once again, sharing her expertise on the matter of the updates to the JCQ Access Arrangements Regulations 2017-18.


Having carried out an extensive survey of members and contacts, we are planning an exciting calendar of events for 2018.  New members have been welcomed to the group and we are delighted to be responding to the needs of the group.



Future events:


Several meetings are in the planning stage and include fine motor skills / handwriting, new strategies for spelling, assistive technology, visual stress / visual processing and specific language impairment.  In addition to this, we are looking to hold regular opportunities to meet for networking and sharing good practice.  Please contact Bonnie or Gillian to be added to our mailing list.


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