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On 4 March 2017, Brighton and East Sussex PATOSS held a morning event led by Ann Bouet. Ann focused on the impact of comprehension difficulties on learning in a very interactive session that proved both thought-provoking and practical. Ann covered comprehension in general, but there was a lot of information on how to support those with reading comprehension difficulties, including games and activities. It proved a very popular event with the delegates.


On 17 June 2017, Sharon Goldie will have talked about Developing Metacognition, Self-esteem and Confidence. Sharon is an independent dyslexia specialist and consultant. She will have focused on how to use clean language questioning techniques as a means of improving the learner’s communication, attainment and metacognition. Delegates will have learnt how to use the set of ‘clean questions’ and the particular way of asking them in different scenarios to help their learners to unlock their creative talents, build confidence in their own abilities and improve their self-esteem.



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