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We have very recently had a very successful Dyscalculia Saturday morning, presentation and workshop. Alison Shorrock covered the main issues and assessment for Dyscalculia, and Pete Jarrett talked on the practical aspects of supporting students, giving lots of practical suggestions for implementing support. This was a well-supported event, and we appreciated meeting a lot of new people, it shows there is a good deal of interest and concern for students with Mathematical challenges.



Future events:



On Wednesday, 5 July 2017, we will be having our AGM and Supper Evening. Starting at 5:30pm, we will begin with finger foods, tea and coffee. Then Janelle Penfold from Vranch House, Exeter, will be speaking on Dyspraxia and her work with students; after which we will be holding our A.G.M contact for further information.



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