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Our speaker in March 2017 was Neil Mackay, who delivered an engaging and inspirational talk : Get it Right for Dyslexia : Get it Right for All.


Neil's focus was on the urgent need to support all learners, including those with dyslexia, in the mainstream classroom.  Many of these learners have no formal diagnosis, and Neil offered some warning signs, which included: better comprehension when material was read to the learner, better performance on verbal tasks than when writing, poor working memory and a tendancy to become overloaded and give up on tasks. 


Neil had a great array of 'pragmatic' teaching strategies, including breaking down of activities into manageable chunks, grouping of differently skilled learners to undertake tasks cooperatively, careful timing of recap activities, helping learners to develop strategies for teasing out meaning from their reading and consciously to build up a piece of written work, starting from intial ideas and gradually elaborating, adding detail and extending.


Neil argued that these teaching approaches encourage more creative and thoughtful responses from all learners, while allowing those with SpLD to work to their strengths. 




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