Proposed Groups and Groups working towards formal status

Proposals have been made to set up these Groups. If you would be interested in joining the Group or in helping to set it up, please write to the proposer at the email address shown.





Lancashire                   Paul Graham,


We would welcome any potential members with an interest in supporting the setting up of the Group to contact us and we would also like to encourage people who are interested in connecting through online email and chat- type forums to build up a network of people so we can try and get some CPD arranged that may promote attendance. We are keeping in touch with people who have shown an interest in the setting up of a Group.



North Devon                Kim Smith,



North Yorkshire          Mandy-Jayne Lace,




Scotland                       Local Groups Team


There are currently no Groups in Scotland. If anyone would be interested in setting one up, please contact the Local Groups Team.



South Yorkshire or





Although Georgina is not able, at the moment, to move forward with setting this Group up, she is currently collecting the names and contact details of individuals who would like to be part of it.





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