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Alex Kelly, a speech and language therapist with over twenty years in the NHS, author of Talkabout and now of Alex Kelly Associates, spoke on effective communication with people with autism.


She used moving examples from her work over the last few years with people with communication difficulties and drew attention to research suggesting that effective communication at six can be an indicator of future success. She also gave further advice on how to encourage students to develop their communication. The overall message was very positive: with the right funding and intervention people with autism can learn how to communicate effectively.  She also made the point that the wider world must try to take a more neurodiverse approach.



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Fintan O’Regan, who has written and presented extensively on ADHD, will be our next guest speaker on Wednesday, 7 March 2018, at Solent University in Southampton.  Full details will be sent out to our email list.  To join this list please email  We very much hope you will come and join us.

This Group is currently dormant but there is interest in reactivating it. If you can help by taking on a committee role, please contact Pam on the email address shown or the Local Group Development Officer on


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