Contact: Gerardine Leonard  


On the 21 October 2017, we had an excellent seminar led by Hilary McEvoy on the Role of Phonics in the teaching of reading and writing together with an introduction to the Linguistic Phonics Programme. From that meeting members expressed interest in practical workshops associated with the teaching of Linguistic Phonics. There were two practical workshop sessions 09 November 2017 and 23 November 2017, the latter had one-to-one sessions in the teaching of the Linguistic Phonics Programme. Practical sessions in the teaching of the programme are to be continued in the new year as it transpires that the majority of the attendees, despite having OCR Level 5 and who teach adults, require instruction in this area.


The AGM was held on 19 October 2017 after the session on Multilingualism/EAL and Dyslexia when there was a round table discussion for the participants  to explore and share their experiences of the effect multilingualism on the assessment of learners with dyslexia. Anni Wilton-Jones, the Local Group Development Officer for PATOSS addressed the meeting and also took part in the discussion where participants had first hand experience of teaching students through the medium of Irish and Welsh and the teaching of EAL to students from many parts of the world.



Future events:

The Group is in the process of securing two dates in early February for additional sessions in the assessment for and the teaching of the Linguistic Phonics Programme.


We are also securing a date for a seminar in Additional Needs and Mental Health. These sessions will all take place in the Lisburn Library and will be hosted by Libraries NI. There is no cost for any of the sessions.



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