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We have had a variety of interesting talks this year including one in October given by Irene Kyffin on Dyslexia -Strategies in the Classroom. She  looked at myths about working and learning;  strengths of verbal and visual thinking;  colour and space in teaching and learning;  different ways to explore learning for independent thinking;  mind mapping;  essay writing;  spelling;  and tips for home support.


In February we had a visit from Olive Hickmott who gave a talk on Visualisation and Mental Imagery. She explained how most people realise that mental imagery is a vital part of everyone’s thinking and forms part of the learning process. Whether you are trying to find your keys, navigate your way home, learning to play golf or being creative, having clear mental images are a real asset. What is less widely known is the relationship between mental images, Dyslexia and ADHD. She looked at ways in which mental imagery can aid learning for all learners but is especially helpful for students with SEN.


On 28 June 2017, we will have  enjoyed our Summer talk by Catherine Coyne on Study Skills and Assertive Technology. She will have explained how newly available Apps can assist all learners with a focus on SEN students.



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