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Last term, we had an interesting talk on The Value of Testing given by two members of the group who had recently attended two different day courses. The two courses were Access Arrangements and  Diagnostic Assessment: Renewing the APC.


There was a very lively power point focussing on the purpose of psychometric testing, SASC recommendations, relevant tests used for diagnostic assessment and the structure and content of report writing when applying for an APC.


Having combined the two full day courses into an hour’s presentation, there was much to cover and a lively discussion followed.



Future events: 

Our next talk will be on 21 March 2018 at College of Contemporary Music, Kilburn and the speaker will be Jacqueline Dennaford. Jacqueline is a qualified Clinical Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Neurodevelopment Practitioner. Her talk will focus on boosting confidence and self esteem through emotional, social and communication support.


The Group have decided they would like to spend some time looking through SASC recommended tests to discuss their effectiveness and ease of use. Therefore our July talk will involve members’ bringing in tests with a view to sharing best practises, calculating scores and discussing report writing.


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