Professional Practice Forum and Mentoring Scheme

Patoss has an on-line Professional Practice Community forum where members can ask questions on a range of professional issues and exchange ideas and information. This is a great way of developing, refining and sharing your thinking on a particular topic. 

When you have signed up for the forum and access it here: Professional Practice Forum

The forums are monitored by the Patoss Professional Practice team, to ensure that the information posted there is accurate and reflects current thinking and information is:.

Professional: Patoss Professional Mentors will monitor posts and respond to queries;

Accurate: arguably the most important aspect and one of the principle reasons why the forum is monitored;

Timely: prompt responses to FAQs: proactive responses for those with specific requests in mind;

Objective: impartial, balanced, reasonable and realistic;

Supportive: members will be have the opportunity of sharing with a broader professional community;

 Signposting: other helpful CPD opportunities, FAQs on the forum and resources highlighted to members. 

The Patoss Mentoring Scheme provides a mechanism to develop professional practice, based around report writing skills. Fundamental to each opportunity is access to a Professional Practice Mentor, who will guide the Patoss member towards their professional goals. All three Mentoring schemes provide 4 hours of SASC authorised CPD.

Better Reports

Perhaps you are a newly qualified assessor and need a guiding steer – a second opinion for a profile not encountered during training or clarification of an assessment procedure that you may not have had the opportunity to use before. Alternatively, you may be an experienced assessor who simply wishes to check and reaffirm your practice, in line with current thinking. Better Reports is designed to support you.

For more details and to enrol for the Better Reports mentoring package go to our Resources page.

Pre-APC Reports

Intended for those approaching renewal of their Assessment Practising Certificate (APC), this package allows you to review report writing skills prior to submitting the report as part of the renewal process.

Pre-APC reports, used properly, provides structured guidance on areas for focus or improvement. It cannot guarantee you a successful APC renewal (that is rightly up to you!) but we have found applying guidance in your subsequent APC renewal report is likely to lead to a more positive outcome.

For more details and to enrol for the Pre-APC Reports mentoring package go to our Resources page.

Difficult Reports

Best practice is, rightly, evolving all the time meaning that you may need support in keeping your reports valid and up-to-date. You can use this package to check practice, interpretations, conclusions and recommendations. No two students with specific learning difficulties are alike, meaning that all assessments have their challenges!

The Difficult Reports CPD package is designed as a ‘sounding board’ for the assessor needing to share ideas and hypotheses with a Professional Practice Mentor before coming to conclusions.

For more details and to enrol for the Difficult Reports mentoring package go to our Resources page.

All participants in the Mentoring Schemes will have membership in the Professional Practice Forums for one year.