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The Patoss SpLD Assessment Practising Certificate, is for specialist teachers who have followed an identified course of study and can demonstrate their knowledge and competence in both Specific Learning Difficulties and assessment.

An SpLD Assessment Practising Certificate recognises not only professional achievement but also a commitment to continuing professional development (CPD). Therefore those wishing to hold or renew a Practising Certificate will be required to demonstrate this commitment by showing how they have regularly updated their professional skills and competence through study, professional discussion, training and practice. Practising Certificates have to be renewed on a regular basis, every 3 years.

The Practising Certificate is linked to the Patoss code of ethics and the 3 year period of validity is conditional upon maintaining Patoss membership throughout. Diagnostic reports submitted in support of APCs will be reviewed against current and well established best practice including the SASC Guidelines.

Details of requirements for planning and maintaining continuing professional development in support of the SpLD Assessment Practising Certificate can be found on this website.

Holders of current SpLD Assessment Practising Certificates are listed on the SASC website [SpLD Assessment Standards Committee].

There are several routes to gaining a Practising Certificate:

Requirements: You must hold a post-graduate qualification in SpLD teaching and assessment. Those meeting the requirements for Full Membership of Patoss, for AMBDA or the equivalent are suitable. These qualifications require evidence of observed practical application of skills in teaching and assessment. In addition qualifications which have been approved by SASC [SpLD Assessment Standards Committee] are suitable. See Courses Leading to a Practising Certificate.

It should be noted that:

>>Individuals applying under Route 1 for a Practising Certificate in SpLD Assessment after 2008 will only be eligible if your AMBDA level or SASC approved qualification was issued within the last 5 years.

>>If  your qualification is more than 5 years old you must have done either

  1. a] acceptable additional qualifications in SpLD assessment within the last 5 years OR
  2. b] provide evidence of practice as an SpLD assessor within the last 5 years.  

>>For over 5 year applications additional evidence must include:

  • a CV and a full diagnostic assessment report, evidencing your independent assessment practice, produced within the last 18 months;
  • 2 testimonials from current/past employer or professional colleague who can confirm the validity of the recent aspects of your employment history and can knowledgeably comment on the quality of your assessment practice;
  • a log of relevant CPD undertaken within the last 3 years. 

NOTE: there is a surcharge of £75 for applicants with qualifications over 5 years old. [Reports will be reviewed against current and well established best practice including the SASC Guidelines for review of APC reports. Please also refer to the reference documents noted below.]

  • Testimonials

    Two testimonials should be attached to the APC [over 5-year] application. The contact details of those providing the testimonials should also be supplied. They may be contacted as part of the Patoss audit process.

    Testimonials should be from a current employer or a professional colleague, who can confirm the validity of the most recent aspects of the employment history, and can knowledgeably comment on the quality of assessment practice.

    For those applicants working independently - a professional colleague does not necessarily have to be a person with whom they work directly, but someone who is aware of their practice.

    Testimonials should be signed, dated and on headed paper. They must relate to assessment practice within the last 5 years, at a minimum.

 Reference documents:

As the list is only published once a year, you should also check SASC website for updates since last Assessment List issue. www.sasc.org.uk 

Access these online in your member area

Assessment Resources page with downloadable resources

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Patoss SpLD CPD Log

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