What are the Renewal Requirements for my SpLD Assessment Practising Certificate?

A. Recent Diagnostic Report [produced within the last 18 months]:
One full diagnostic assessment report, suitably anonymised, which follows current Code of Practice procedures, and supplementary working papers, test score sheets and notes. This evidence must demonstrate professional ability to:

  • i) select appropriate tests
  • ii) administer, score and interpret cognitive and attainment tests, including standardised tests
  • iii) make appropriate teaching and/or support recommendations based on the assessment
  • iv) write an assessment report which is appropriate for purpose.

Notes should accompany the assessment report which demonstrate the professional's expertise in providing feedback to the student/pupil, parent and other professionals, e.g. mainstream teachers/lecturers, dyslexia coordinators, managers, support staff, SENCOs, speech and language therapists etc.

Be certain to look at the following guidance BEFORE you submit your renewal:

other resources are listed on the margin of this page.

B. Twenty Hours of CPD Activities, consisting of:

5 HOURS (CORE) covering:

  • C 1 principles of psychometrics, statistics, assessment and underlying theory plus
  • C 2 SpLD testing methods, interpretation and test materials

15 HOURS (Supplementary), may contain more of C1 and C2, above, in addition to:

  • S 1 changes in regulations and legislation relating to SpLDs;
  • S 2 developments in SpLD research;
  • S 3 approaches to teaching and support for SpLD.


From March 2012, a minimum of 5 hours of CPD must be from SASC authorised courses. See SASC website. Patoss provides a range of CPD events which qualify for this.

The above will be achieved by participation in:

Courses, coaching and mentoring sessions, writing on assessment or practice, work shadowing, research, reflective analysis of relevant reading or audio-visual material, production of a dissertation, distance learning, preparation/delivery of training courses, specialist committees, study toward professional qualification [see Earning CPD Credit]. Activities undertaken here can also count toward CPD credit for a Teaching Practising Certificate.

Production of Evidence

Evidence of the above will be demonstrated by:

  • A training & development plan
  • A recent, full diagnostic assessment report [fully anonymised ], logged and uploaded on Record of Diagnostic Assessments members area of website [This references the report submitted on renewal].
  • Retain all your  supporting working papers, test score sheets and notes, for possible audit. [Record of Diagnostic Assessments].
  • A log of Core and Supplementary CPD evidence [to be submitted using My CPD Log in the members area of website to Patoss for APC renewal][copy to be retained by candidate, for possible audit]
  • Certificates of Attendance (where applicable) [to be retained by candidate, for possible audit]
  • Descriptions of presentations/ courses presented including written aims and objectives showing outcomes[to be retained by candidate, for possible audit]
  • Relevant sections of appraisal documents signed by line managers[to be retained by candidate, for possible audit].


Submission of Evidence

In order to renew the SpLD APC candidates must submit the following evidence to the Patoss Office, via the member area of the website, 16 weeks before the end of the SpLD APC Certification Period:

  • A copy of one Full Diagnostic Assessment Report [suitably anonymised] and the Record of Diagnostic Assessment for assessments undertaken within the current APC period [uploaded in Diagnostic Report members area of website]


  • Patoss Log of CPD [entered in My CPD members area of website]

CPD log sample

  • Payment for additional 3 years certification.


A copy of one Full Diagnostic Assessment Report [suitably anonymised], the Record of Diagnostic Assessment, and Patoss Log of CPD should be submitted. The supporting papers underpinning the full Diagnostic Assessment Report and Portfolio of Evidence must be RETAINED by the candidate for possible inspection by Patoss for a minimum of 6 years.

If your APC has lapsed, you will have to provide a diagnostic assessment report meeting SASC guidelines produced within the previous 3 years, and evidence of relevant CPD as outlined above.

What are Renewal Requirements for my Teaching Practising Certificate?

Full or associate membership of Patoss must be held and a commitment given to ethical practice, abiding by the Patoss Code of Ethics, continuing professional development and self-reflection on your practice.

All practitioners should know and implement the policies and procedures listed below at your workplace, either put in place by your employer or by yourself if you are self-employed. If you are practicing independently you must confirm you have in place the following*:

Policies and procedures relating to:

  • Lone Working
  • Risk Assessment and Health and Safety
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Data Protection
  • Complaints
  • Record keeping
  • Student feedback
  • Professional indemnity insurance. As an independent worker you must hold professional indemnity insurance [available at a discount to Patoss members]

*Patoss further guidance on these can be found in your Member’s Area of the Patoss Website.

On renewal of the TPC all applicants must also supply:

  • A completed Patoss CPD log evidencing a minimum of 20 hours CPD activity within the last three years, including reflection on impact of CPD on practice. (For those jointly applying for an APC this CPD log minimum rises to a total of 25 hours - the other requirements of the APC stand.) Activities undertaken here can also count toward CPD credit for an Assessment Practising Certificate. Use your on-line My CPD log.
  • Updated details of specialist teaching and employment history since previous application. Use your online Record of Specialist Teaching.
  • Two updated testimonials as described above drawn from practice since previous application. These should include feedback from students or parents/guardians. These can be uploaded to your Record of Specialist Teaching area. 


Specialist Teaching Sample

What about a joint APC and TPC?

For a joint APC and TPC application

If you wish to apply for both an Assessment Practising Certificate (APC) and a Teaching Practising Certificate (TPC) you are welcome to do so. There are a number of routes to the Assessment Practising Certificate so these must be considered alongside the requirements of the TPC. Patoss has endeavoured to create as much overlap as possible between the two schemes to ensure minimal additional application requirements for members. Please see the Schedule of Fees - Summary of Evidence Requirements table or contact the Patoss office for further guidance.

Patoss may request to see your CPD training record and Portfolio of Evidence including Diagnostic Assessment working papers at any time. You should retain your training record and portfolio of evidence on file for a period of at least six years.