Recommend a Colleague

Recommend a Colleague and receive £30 off your next Patoss CPD event

Recommend a Colleague

Every time you recommend a colleague to Patoss, who actively takes up membership, you will be entitled to £30 off a Patoss CPD event on completion of the new membership. All new members receive £30 off their first full-day CPD as a welcome to Patoss.

How it works:

When your colleague becomes a member, they will receive a welcome email from us at Patoss, which will include a link to a very short form for them to complete. The form requires your name and membership number so be sure to make them available to your friend or colleague.

Once they have submitted this form, you will both receive an email with a "redeem voucher" code worth £30, which you can use against any Patoss Event booked through the website.

The voucher codes will be valid for 6 months from the date the form is submitted. 

Please note: There is no limit to the number of recommend a colleague vouchers you can receive, however you can only redeem a single voucher against any single event.