Professional Practice Community Forum

Available to members only for £30

Patoss Professional Practice Community Forum

Patoss is pleased to introduce a new service for members; the Patoss Professional Practice Community Forum.

This online forum allows like-minded professionals to meet electronically and discuss issues around the assessment and support of specific learning difficulties. This could introduce you to new ways of working, new assessment tools and approaches to support or even further employment opportunities from colleagues working within your sector.

Importantly, the Professional Practice Community Forum is monitored by Patoss Professional Practice Tutors, ensuring advice contained within it is:

  • Professional: Patoss Professional Tutors will monitor posts and    respond to queries;
  • Accurate: arguably the most important aspect and one of the principle reasons why the forum is monitored, with an associated cost;
  • Timely: prompt responses to FAQs: proactive responses for those with specific requests in mind;
  • Objective: impartial, balanced, reasonable and realistic;
  • Supportive: members will be have the opportunity of sharing with a broader professional community;
  • Signposting: other helpful CPD opportunities, FAQs on the forum and resources will be highlighted to members.

An annual subscription fee of £30 provides one year’s monitored support on the Patoss Professional Practice Community Forum.

As with any online forum, members are asked to abide by forum etiquette and to use the forum professionally and appropriately.

A subscription to the Patoss Professional Practice Forum is a great, low cost way of developing, refining and sharing your professional practice.

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