JCQ Criteria for Assessors

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It is the responsibility of the Head of Centre to appoint assessors for his/her centre. There are now three categories of assessor, as follows:

·         a specialist assessor with a current SpLD Assessment Practising Certificate;

·         an appropriately qualified psychologist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council;

·         an access arrangements assessor who has successfully completed a postgraduate course at or equivalent to Level 7, including at least 100 hours relating to individual specialist assessment.

Some confusion has arisen about the requirement for ‘100 hours relating to individual specialist assessment’ for access arrangements assessors.  Some assessors have taken this to mean that 100 hours of actual assessment had to have been carried out; this is not the case.

It refers to the amount of study time overall that relates to assessment. This would include, for example, lecture, seminar and tutorial time, independent study time, assessment time, and time spent completing assignments.

Courses that are accredited at AMBDA or APC level will cover this requirement, as do the newer courses that provide a qualification in access arrangements assessment, including the Patoss AAA: Assessing for Access Arrangements.

Some of the older qualifications, such as the RSA diploma, would be considered to be the equivalent to Level 7.  If you have completed a course that provides full Patoss membership, it will meet the JCQ requirements.

Lia Castiglione

Patoss Professional Practice Coordinator