Using the Latest Advances in the Understanding of Reading Development to Plan and Guide Reading Intervention

This is the first lecture in a series of lectures by Dr Grace Elliott and Emma Hartnell-Baker, and will discuss the latest advances in the science of reading, and how aligning instruction with these advances can improve students’ reading. Suitable for educators and parents.


Patoss is pleased to announce a series of four lectures on the most up to date, evidence-based research to inform best practice in the assessment and intervention of children with literacy disorders for primary and secondary age students.

This lecture, the first in the series, will cover the most up to date research in the understanding of reading and reading disorders. It will discuss research showing that instruction aligned with advances in the understanding of reading can improve students’ reading. The Simple View of Reading (SVR) became the guiding framework for the current “science of reading” movement, and due to its popularity, many practitioners may not be aware of other models that could more productively guide their practice. Within this first lecture, The Active View of Reading will be presented as an evidence-based approach to improving reading comprehension. 

Course Description

The simple view of reading is commonly presented to educators in professional development about the science of reading. However, research in the 35 years since the theory was proposed has revealed additional understandings about reading, such as:

  • The overlap between decoding and listening comprehension
  • The importance of active and self-regulatory process that play a substantial role in reading
  • The importance of causes of reading difficulties beyond decoding and listening comprehension

This lecture will point to research highlighting these advances and showing that instruction aligned with this can improve students’ reading. It will present the Active View of Reading and discuss how updated theories and models can be used to guide practitioners’ work in supporting students’ reading development in classrooms and interventions.

In the course delegates will consider in detail:

  • The causes of reading difficulties beyond decoding and listening comprehension
  • How decoding and linguistic comprehension overlap to cause reading difficulties
  • The role of active, self-regulatory processes in reading
  • The Active View of Reading

Course Outcome

An understanding of the latest advances in the understanding of reading development, and how to align instruction with advances in the science of reading.

Target Audience

Open to all


This training course is for one and a half hours from 1.30-3.00pm, Thursday, 13 October 2022 on GoToWebinar. Delegates will have access to the recording of the webinar for two weeks after to watch as many times as they like. If you cannot attend live on the day, you will still have access to the recordings from the same evening for two weeks from that date if you book a place.

Course Materials

Electronic copies of the handouts will be provided but delegates will be responsible for printing off their own copies as this event is online.

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This course is worth 1.5 hours general CPD

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