SpLD Course Provider Details

This page provides details of course providers who run current SpLD courses:

 Helen Arkell

 Fairley House

 Dyslexia Understood Ltd

  • Contact - Laura Bloomberg
  • Website: www.dyslexiaunderstood.co.uk
  • Contact email: dyslexiaunderstood@outlook.com
  • Address: Little Potters, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire HP23 4QT

Dyslexia Matters

  • Contact - Ellier Wilson
  • Website: www.dyslexiamatters.co.uk
  • Contact email: ellie@dyslexiamatters.co.uk
  • Address: Online, Cambridge, London and Woking

  School of Inclusive and Special Education

  • Contact - Ellen Raynor
  • Website:  https://www.dcu.ie/inclusive_and_special_education/programmes/postgraduate.shtml
  • Contact email: ellen.reynor@dcu.ie
  • Address: Institue of Education, St Patrick's Campus, Dublin 9 Eire

 Manchester Metropolitan University

  Institue of Education

  Bath Spa University

 University of Northampton

 Dyslexia Herts

 Learning Support Centre

Stranmillis University College


British Dyslexia Association

  Dyslexia Action

 All the above have provided information for us to list. This is not a definitive list of all SpLD course providers.