Starting a Local Group

Are you interested in setting up a Local Group in your area? Do you want to be part of well-established professional organisation and a leader in the support of SpLD practitioners? Do you want to improve your knowledge base, network reach and local SpLD community? Do you want to improve your CV with evidence of setting up,  running and managing a Professional Local Group?

 If you can answer yes to all the following question, then we would love to hear from you.  

  • By using the Local Groups Search facility, can you confirm there are no other Local Groups within a 20 mile radius of your proposed group?
  • Have you got a minimum of 3 individuals who are interested in forming a Local Groups Committee with you?
  • As part of that have you 2 National PATOSS members to serve as officers on the Committee?

If you are keen to set up a Local Group, please contact the Patoss office [].