SpLD Specialist Teacher Training Courses

The following are institutions which provide training for specialist teachers seeking to gain qualifications  meeting requirements:

  • for Full Membership of Patoss and an SpLD Assessment Practising Certificate [those qualifications which meet criteria for AMBDA (Associate Membership of the BDA or that are approved by SASC)          or which would qualify
  • for Associate Membership of Patoss, [qualifications which meet criteria for Approved Teacher or Approved Practitioner Status of the BDA].
OCR (Oxford, Cambridge & RSA)

Tel: 024 7647 0033
Fax: 024 7642 1944

Email: Customer Information Bureau

37 centres around the country running diploma and certificate courses. Some of these are listed on the following pages, or contact OCR for possible others.

Training in specialist teaching and assessment at levels 5 and 7 leading to ATS or AMBDA and Assessment Practising Certificates.

Bath Spa University

Identifying and Supporting Learners with SpLD/Dyslexia (ATS)
Assessment methodology for SpLD/Dyslexia (Top up to AMBDA + APC)
Masters in SpLD/Dyslexia

Delivered in London
SpLD/Dyslexia: The Effective Assessment Report (Module leading to APC - pre-requisite ATS + CCET) delivered in conjunction with Patoss - 

CPD Office
Tel: 01225  875875

Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre

Frensham, Surrey
OCR Level 5 Diploma SpLD (ATS)
OCR Level 7 Diploma SpLD (AMBDA + APC)
Tel: 01252 792 400

OCR Level 5 Diploma Teaching Learners with Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties (ATS/APS).
Specialising in either Primary or KS2/Secondary level. A one year course, with attendance at Helen Arkell one day a week.

OCR Level 7 Diploma Teaching and Assessing Learners with Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties (AMBDA + APC). This course is approved by the BDA Accreditation Board for AMBDA or by SASC as meeting the training requirements for SpLD Assessment Training.
A one year course, with attendance at Helen Arkell one day a week.