Enhancing your Dyslexic Students' Self-Esteem

Children’s level of achievement and behaviour are influenced by how they feel about themselves - that is, their level of self-esteem. Learners with an SpLD may have a lower self-esteem due to their learning difference. As this webinar will demonstrate the teacher can have a profound positive impact on their learner.


Denis Lawrence is an international expert on self-esteem and learning difference and will demonstrate how a teacher can apply three basic characteristics from counselling into their teaching to help their learners develop their self-esteem.

Course Description

The presentation will discuss:

Part one - Understanding of the concepts of how Self-Esteem applies to students:

  • Understanding what Self-concept means – how self-image, idea-self and self-esteem develops in a SpLD learner
  • How the concept of the idea-self impacts, on how the SpLD learner learns
  • Also, how the student’s self-esteem either global or specific self-esteem helps the learner to effectively learn or not.
  • The self-esteem of the teacher will also be discussed

Part two - What the teacher can do to improve the self-esteem of their learners.

  • Applying applied counselling skills through effective communication skills by offering acceptance, genuineness, and empathy.
  • Acceptance- non-judgemental – using three key words 'I’ ‘When’ and ‘Because’
  • Genuineness – Spontaneous being a real person
  • Empathy means being able to listen to children’s feelings and conveying to children that you understand how they feel and then reflecting it.

Children can develop self-esteem and improve in their learning - the difference is you, as the teacher. Through understanding the research and applying it you can make the difference.

  • Understanding the research around self-esteem studies
  • Understanding how to apply the research to your learning situation or assessment situation
  • Learning how to apply applied counselling skills to both your learning and assessment work  

The structure of the webinar

  • Denis Lawrence will introduce himself and explain why he become interested in research
  • Defining self esteem
  • Denis will explain his research into self-esteem and what he found
  • Denis will explain the importance that the teacher's personality characteristics and what their self-esteem brings to the classroom
  • The work of Rogers in counselling - acceptance, genuineness and empathy will be discussed in context to how you can apply to a teaching situation
  • Teaching students with low self-esteem will be discussed
  • How teachers can react to behaviour difficulties from students with low self-esteem, and coping with stress will be reviewed

This first part will be conducted on a webinar format and will be followed by a zoom link for the discussion around the points raised in the webinar.

Course Outcome

  • To Understand how self-esteem works
  • How self-esteem applies to SpLD learners
  • How a teacher/assessor can apply ‘applied counselling skills’, to enhance their teaching and assessment practice

Delegates will be offered a discount of 25% off Enhancing Self- Esteem in the Classroom 3rd Edition by Denis Lawrence E-book


Delegates may wish to read Denis Lawrance’s book Enhancing Self-esteem in the classroom.


Open to all, no restrictions

Target Audience

All ages


This training course is for one hour from 10.00am on 8 June 2021. Delegates will have access to the recording of the webinar for two weeks after to watch as many times as they like. If you cannot attend live on the day, you will still have access to the recordings on the same evening for two weeks from that date.

Course Materials

Electronic copies of the handouts will be provided but delegates will be responsible for printing off their own copies as this event is online.

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