Memory, the Research, and Best Practice for Classroom Teaching and Developing Independent Learners

Working memory difficulties are a major barrier to learning. This training will deepen your understanding of these difficulties and provide teaching strategies to improve class-based learning alongside developing independent learning techniques.


Research has increased our understanding of working memory and how to support learners with these difficulties. Learners, including those with dyslexia, can learn with effective strategies to help arrest the curve of forgetting.  This course provides the tools for educators to enable all learners to improve their learning potential.

Course Description

Working memory deficits prevent approximately 10% of learners from making expected academic progress. The reasons are varied and individual to each child or young person.

This session examines the barriers that exclude learners from accessing the curriculum and demonstrates adaptive teaching approaches to develop best practice for delivering lesson content. Strategies to meet specific areas of need are also examined. Focus will be given to cognitive load, how to present information and adapt tasks to improve class-based learning.

Finally, empirically evidenced strategies to support independent study will be covered for educators to enable learners to maximize their academic potential.

  • To consider current working memory research and its implications for teaching and learning
  • To understand the barriers to learning caused by working memory difficulties
  • To offer adaptative teaching approaches to improve all learning in the classroom
  • To enable learners to become more effective independent learners

Course Outcome

  • To improve the participants understanding of the barriers learners face when they have working memory problems.
  • To adapt teaching approaches to improve learning in the classroom.
  • To develop empirical evidence-based strategies to improve independent learning.


None required

Target Audience

All educators: Primary, Secondary, Further and Higher Education, Tutors, SENCOs, teachers, SLAs/TAs


This training course is in two sections 12.00 noon-1.15pm and 2.15-3.30 pm. on Thursday, 23 September 2021 on GoToWebinar. Delegates will have access to the recording of the webinar for two weeks after to watch as many times as they like. If you cannot attend live on the day, you will still have access to the recordings on the same evening for two weeks from that date.

Course Materials

Electronic copies of the handouts will be provided but delegates will be responsible for printing off their own copies as this event is online.

Joining Instructions

Delegates will be sent a link to GoToWebinar where the course will be held a few days before. You do no need specialist software or an app to attend.

Terms & Conditions

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Delegates will be responsible for ensuring that they have suitable Wi-Fi, hardware and software to enable them to view the webinar.


Sheila Rostill, Webinar Administrator


T:   07956 644 786

When & Where

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This course is worth 2.5 hours CPD