2018 Patoss Annual Conference

Keynote Speaker: Maggie Snowling: Language and Dyslexia: Current Research

Every year some of the top SpLD specialists in their given profession come together to present at the Annual Conference. Held at Imperial College London covering a full day and offering a range of seminars and workshops which attendees can choose from depending on their interests.

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Each year the keynote, as the leading authority in their given subject, is invited to present their latest research during the opening session for everyone to attend. The seminars and workshops which follow are designed to look at the current practical issues within the sector.  A full description of these will be published soon.

Exhibitors, Sponsors and Suppliers

During the lunch and breaks you can visit the multiple exhibitors, suppliers and information desks which are hosted in the food hall.  A list of exhibitors and principle sponsors will be made available before each conference, so you can be sure not to miss out.

Local Groups

If you’re a member of a Local Group or wish to find out more about your Local Patoss Group make your way over to see our Local Group representative, who will be happy to help.


This event is an unmissable opportunity to come together with likeminded individuals to enable you to share experience, best practices and develop new skills. When a subject becomes the “hot topic” then Patoss host a special breakout networking session to address that particular area.

Resources and Materials

Take the opportunity to buy books from the Patoss resources library or from many of the exhibiting retailers.

What you get on the day

Other than coming home with a raft of new information and having built fantastic networks, Patoss provides attendees with comprehensive notes covering all presentations, seminars and workshops. The pack also includes information on further events and activities with a few extra goodies thrown in for good measure.

A full buffet lunch, teas, coffees and soft drinks are provided and we endeavour to accommodate any special dietary requirements if you let us know, in advance of, or when booking your place.



Sheila Rostill, Conference Administrator

E: srostill@patoss-dyslexia.org

T:   01386 712650

When & Where

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